Journey of a Racing Prodigy: Connor Zilisch

World karting champion chooses Mazda, which promptly awards him with a $110,000-valued scholarship

His trophy cabinet is already filled to the rafters, but Connor Zilisch will probably just build an extension or two to make room for the incoming flood of hardware. Between regular karting events and his burgeoning sports car career, he’s received many times his own body weight in hardware, and of late, a big scholarship check from Mazda. It certainly appears that professional sports car racing’s next prodigy has arrived.

Chatting with Connor, you get the sense you’re talking to a confident young man in his late twenties or early thirties—not somebody partway through high school. Perhaps he has that air of maturity because he’s been racing nearly eleven years and succeeded at every step along the way. That sort of reassurance and intimate knowledge of the racing world takes time to acquire on most paths in life, but Connor’s path has been lined with laurels and metal cups, and maybe they help a young man find his serenity a little sooner.

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