FIRST PLACE! AHF Kids Race to Win Gold at the Chattanooga Green Prix

We are so excited to announce that AHF’s “E-Racing” team won first place at the Chattanooga Green Prix on Friday! This was our first year with our “E-Racing” program, a name that is two fold: Not only did the kids build and race an Electric vehicle, but the program also embodies the essence of the Austin Hatcher Foundation’s mission:

“Erasing the effects of childhood cancer.”

The Austin Hatcher Foundation E-Racing team:
These young racers, made up of 8 children affected by childhood cancer, have worked together over the past six months to build their very own electric car while gaining confidence, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills and creative thinking. The kids built an electric race car from a parts kit, designed the body panels and car livery (artwork and logo), and raced it themselves on Friday!

The Green Prix, hosted by Green Spaces Chattanooga, is a thrilling event where students race electric cars, go-kart size, around a challenging racetrack.

On race day, the kids were scored in 3 categories: Presentation, the Drag-Slalom races, and the Circuit Races. Points were totaled up, and AHF’s “Thundervolts” team narrowly grabbed 1st place by just a few points!

This “E-Racing” program is one component of the Foundation’s Industrial Arts STEAM-based Therapy Programs. The E-Racing program is designed to inspire children with cancer and their siblings ages 9-12 to advance education in the subject of sustainable engineering and technology. Throughout this project, they have learned about and practiced team building, problem solving, critical thinking, engineering, aerodynamics, electrical skills and more.

All of this was possible because of our E-Racing sponsor, Hixon Motor Sports.

From Our Sponsor, the Power and Support Behind this Program:
“I was thrilled beyond words that AHF’s first attempt at an e-race resulted in a big win. Austin Hatcher just started this new STEAM-based therapy program and because of its roots in racing, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Hixon Motor Sports was asked to be the exclusive sponsor for this incredible program put together so quickly and efficiently.  Those kids and their families should be so proud because they accomplished a win in their first attempt; this has them joining the history books with Lamborghini, who won its first attempt in IMSA’s WeatherTech race at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.

For a program built from scratch by AHF’s team of compassionate and determined people, this was a historic day for this new cancer therapy program. Congratulations to the kids and families we supported that won this milestone race, it clearly displayed excellent teamwork and proof of everyone’s dedication and love for this new pediatric cancer therapy- that I hope becomes a long-lasting and permanent addition to AHF’s variety of multiple therapies. At Hixon Motor Sports, we cannot wait until the next AHF race and will always be cheering for them to win both on and off the racetrack. We are super proud of you kids that won, and love supporting your dream to be involved with motorsports.”

-Bryan Hixon, Founder of Hixon Motor Sports