Driver Development Program


The Hixon Motor Sports Driver Development Program exists to assist aspiring young drivers and their supporters bridge the often-daunting gap between karting and achieving their driving goals in professional motorsports.

The Hixon Motor Sports Driver Development Program has also been created to locate, engage, and develop the next generation of “super star” professional racing drivers.


Utilizing our unique marketing and driver ladder system we engage the “cream of the crop” of current kart racers.  From there we will guide the future racing stars in navigating the somewhat murky process of qualifying for and receiving his or her amateur racing license.  Then thru their experiences in our professionally prepared race cars along with our personalized and experienced driver coaching they will have all the tools at their disposal to further develop their skills in the highly competitive yet very affordable world of amateur Spec Miata racing.

After achieving success in the amateur Spec Miata racing world, the aspiring young driver will be ready to compete in the prestigious Mazda Driver Shootout.  The winner of the Mazda shootout receives a “prize” of a partial season of funding to compete in the professional IMSA sanctioned Idemitsu Mazda MX-5 Cup.  The Mazda MX-5 Cup itself has a total season prize package worth $1,200,000, with a top prize for the series champion of $250,000!

Past Mazda shootout contestants, who each got their opportunity by amateur racing Mazda cars, have moved on to be successful in NASCAR, Trans-Am, IMSA sports cars, and of course the Idemitsu Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires.


Once a young racer achieves success in the world of karting, it can easily be confusing for the driver and their supporters to clearly, effectively, and confidently take the next step.  Too often a “hit or miss” approach is taken and a talented young driver gets stuck at their local track until their supporter’s funding is simply depleted with very little success to show for either the driver’s efforts or the supporter’s investment. 

Two of the major “hurdles” to overcome in crossing the chasm between karting and race cars lies in picking the right type of racing that will lead to professional level opportunities AND the proper preparation of the race car to maximize the exposure an aspiring driver achieves.  Sadly, no one will notice your driver if their car breaks down halfway through a race … even if they are dominating the race!

Thankfully the Hixon Motor Sports Driver Development Program addresses not only those two major hurdles, but also handles all of the “other stuff” that often gets in the way of the drivers expending their energy developing what he or she really need to stay focused on … becoming a better driver. 



Founded by race car driver Bryan S. Hixon in 2020, Hixon Motor Sports was formed to compete in the ultra-competitive Idemitsu Mazda MX-5 Cup series.  With the immediate addition of professional race car driver Shea Holbrook as team manager, Hixon Motor Sports quickly grew into the powerhouse that it is today.  In just three short years, Hixon Motor Sports has gone from a two-car team simply competing in the Mazda MX-5 Cup to a dominant powerhouse team of professional mechanics and driver coaches fielding sometimes as many as 8 cars per event, helping young talented drivers reach their ultimate goal of becoming professional race car drivers and race winners.

BSI Racing                   WWW.BSIRACING.COM

Since their beginning in 1987, Daytona Beach, FL based BSI Racing has been a leader in both the SCCA and NASA series of amateur racing.  When the highly competitive Spec Miata class came along in the early 2000’s BSI Racing quickly rose to the top of the podium as the dominating Spec Miata team in the Southeast US.  In 2021, the founder of BSI, Stu Brummer, stepped back, turning ownership and daily operations over to highly successful race car driver Shea Holbrook and her husband, veteran race car mechanic Nick Chorley.  The founder, Stu, remains on for technical advice and guidance, while Shea’s time behind the wheel as a professional race car driver along with her business to business skills are quickly elevating BSI Racing to new heights.


Although both Hixon Motor Sports and BSI Racing are partners in the Hixon Motor Sports Driver Development Program, for more information all inquiries should be directed to:

Scott Michael
Hixon Motor Sports Driver Development Program Coordinator
Brand Ambassador for Hixon Motor Sports
717-577-0593 (cell)